What are Torque Limiters?

A Torque Limiter acts as an overload protection device for all types of mechanical equipment preventing excessive loads damaging the machine components and lost production. Although electronic current limiters have been considered, modern machinery has become more dynamic with abrupt deceleration of the rotating mass caused by unintentional jamming or the application of a dynamic braking system at a faster rate than the drive can accept. Drive systems operating at low output speeds develop very large torques and excess torque will cause extensive damage to the gearing, drive shafts and couplings.

Therefore, the fitting of a mechanical Torque Limiter in the drive system gives the best level of protection, reducing downtime and subsequent expensive loss of production.

HOWDON have produced simple, compact, reliable and easy to maintain Torque Limiters for customers all over the world for over 40 years. A wide range of standard Torque Limiting Couplings, Chain, Pulley and U/J Shaft Units are available but HOWDON have always produced special designs to meet specific customer requirements.

what are torque limiters

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