Twiflex VC Hydraulic Brake Caliper

The VC Caliper has been in production for 40 years and is widely used on medium duty industrial and marine braking applications.  Hydraulically operated, the VC Caliper acts on 25.4mm thick discs and produces a braking force of 42kN at 100 bar oil pressure based on standard brake pads having a coefficent of friction of 0.4.  Automatic wear compensators give pad retraction and worn pads can  easily be replaced without removing the caliper from its mounting.

The VC Caliper can be operated from an air supply using a Howdon Air/Hydraulic Intensifier Unit.

Piston is fitted with pad retraction mechanism.

Twiflex VC Hydraulic Brake Caliper


  • Brake Pad. Part No. 7080011
  • VC Repair Kit Part No. 6000561
  • VC Bridge Pipe Repair Kit Part No. 7902794

Please refer to data sheets for more information.

Download PDF data sheets

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