Twiflex T35 Top Drive Caliper

The Twiflex T35 Top Drive Caliper is a hydraulic pressure­applied modular caliper design consisting of two identical halves bolted together. In this standard configuration, the brake can accommodate a disc thickness of 12.7 mm. Brake discs may be any diameter from 260 mm, with no upper limit except for practical considerations.

The brake is designed to permit use in vertical shaft applications and features pad retraction springs to prevent dragging due to self-weight of the linings. The T35 is fitted with hardened and ground steel pistons on which a scraper seal bears to minimise contamination risk in harsh environments.

Twiflex T35 top drive caliper brake


  • Brake Pad Part no. 7000401-Z
  • Pressure Seal Part no. 6000821
  • Scraper Seal Part no. 6000822

Please refer to data sheets for more information.

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