Twiflex Layrub Coupling

Twiflex Layrub Coupling

Layrub Couplings

The Twiflex Layrub Coupling range is a long-established but still unique design based on a range of twelve standard blocks. It is generally used to cover the low to medium power ranges up to torque ratings of 64 kNm. The blocks can be used in parallel leading to compactness and making the coupling suitable for high-speed operation or in series to provide a torsionally soft coupling and to accommodate large misalignments.

Advantages of Layrub Couplings

A particular advantage of the Layrub product is the ability it provides to engineer a coupling to suit the application. As well as being able to call upon a large range of standard couplings we are able to arrange the standard blocks into a customised design and to tailor the characteristics to suit the application.

The large volume of the rubber blocks gives these couplings a relatively low torsional stiffness and good damping characteristics. This makes the Layrub particularly suitable for the control of torsional vibration.

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