From time to time HOWDON receive enquiries from clients looking to control excessive loads on applications other than power-driven systems.
The following, Torque Nuts and Handwheels, are a couple of examples:


The over tightening of lock nuts, even using a calibrated torque wrench, was resulting in weakening essential fastenings and the customer was looking for a simple, accurate break-away device.

HOWDON engineers designed a torque nut incorporating Wedgepins that would control the tightening torque, and protect the vital component, irrespective of the tools used.

Torque Nut


Damage can be caused to valve seats and spindles when excessive torque is applied. HOWDON were asked to supply a Handwheel Torque Limiter which, as well as protecting the valve, would keep its integrity in difficult environments. A design was produced using coated materials, plastic bearings and brass wedgepins, successfully meeting the complete customer specification.

stainless hand wheel

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