Water Industry Couplings

  • Easy access – drive reset in minutes.
  • Wedge construction gives maximum rigidity with no backlash. Ideal for indexing or reversing drives.
  • Clamping screws give positive axial location. Shear neck cannot be displaced from correct position between flanges.
  • Equal load sharing with multiple pins on high torque drives. Very high capacity within compact dimensions.
  • Shear necks are standardised and colour coded, giving safe, tamper proof repeatability and spares economy.
  • “Fail-safe” under all conditions. Not affected by changes in temperature or humidity. Ability to release not dependent on mechanism lubrication.

The most effective method of protecting rotating machinery from overload is a simple shearpin. Proved to be reliable for long term protection on slow running / high torque drives, a shearpin gives full strength directly as a frictionless drive load.

Howdon can make any of its standard units in 304SS or 316SS or with a trip pin on the back of the hub to trigger a switch. We can offer bespoke units to suit your requirements.

Water Industry Couplings
Waste water couplings

Buy direct from our warehouse, or order a bespoke solution for your application. Chances are we have already designed something similar for your industry. Talk to one of our engineers today.  +44 (0) 1453 750814     sales@howdon.co.uk