Howdon Wedgegard® Torque Limiter Selection


Decide the position of the Wedgegard i.e. the preferred position is on the low speed or final drive shaft, confirm there is adequate accessibility to change Wedgepins.


Using the simple formula to calculate the theoretical driving torque for the position chosen :

Torque (lbf.ins) = H.P. multipied by 63025 divided by r.p.m.
Torque (Nm) = kW multiplied by 9550 divided by r.p.m.


If the Wedgegard is to be fitted to a Universal Joint Drive Shaft, using the shaft reference select the size of the Wedgegard spacer from the Data Sheet. For Chain or Coupling Drives choose the Wedgegard from the specific Data sheet checking the shafts/sprocket or pulley/coupling can be accommodated.


If the release (overload) torque to not known the following points need to be considered :

– the weakest component of the drive system to be protected
– the product or system to be protected


Using the torque table for the required Wedgegard Torque Limiter select the release torque required, this will indicate the Wedgepin or pins to be fitted.

If there is uncertainity regarding the release torque, select a release torque below the driving torque and, with these Wedgepin or pins fitted, install the Wedgegard.


The wide range of Wedgepins makes changing the release torque simple, but when increasing the torque always ensure the drive system/product/machinery can accept the higher limit.


Always guard rotating machinery, including the Wedgegard Torque Limiter, in accordance with statutory requirements.


For specific technical assistance please contact HOWDON Sales Department   +44 (0) 1453 750814