Phasing Hub

  • Phasing Hubs are manufactured to accept Taper Lock Bushing.
  • Adjust timing sequence with clamp screw slackened, allowing plate wheel to rotate freely.
  • Save time with threading chain through complex machine layouts. Hubs for B.S or A.S plate wheels.
  • Suitable for timing pulleys, gears and cams.
  • Designs to suit special drive requirements are available.
  • Phasing Hubs can be supplied with Howdon “Wedgepin” overload protection.
  • For backlash-free indexing, combined with drive adjustment.

Applications include: Tobacco Manufacturing, Packaging Machines, Food Processing Machines

Phasing hub
Phasing hub drawing

Wedgegard® Phasing Hub – Manual Reset

Unit Size252352502
Outside Diameter A (mm)7083120
Length L (mm)404656
Taper Lock Bush110813102012
Max Bore (mm)28 SK3550 SK
Plate Wheel Bore (mm)51.35 H863.00 H895.00 H8
Minimum Number of Plate Wheel Teeth 1/2” Pitch21 BS24 BSN/A
21 AS25 ASN/A
Minimum Number of Plate Wheel Teeth 5/8” Pitch18 BS20 BS28 BS
18 AS20 AS28 AS
Minimum Number of Plate Wheel Teeth 3/4” PitchN/A18 BS24 BS
N/A18 AS24 AS
Minimum Number of Plate Wheel Teeth 1” PitchN/AN/A19 BS

*Dimensions and specifications may change for improvement without notice.

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