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Powering through environmental challenges

In this month’s blog,  we look at how here at Howdon we are doing our bit for the environment.

Manufacturing businesses aren’t known for their eco credentials, but Howdon Power Transmission is bucking the trend. We’re taking giant steps to become more environmentally friendly, tackling a number of challenges to reduce our carbon footprint, and to meet the commitments outlined in our environmental policy.

Shine a light

We’ve installed 28 solar panels that will produce almost half the power we use as a business (43.9%). We can monitor the production and performance of each panel at any time, either online ( or using a smartphone app.

Staff love checking up to see how much power the panels are producing, with the added benefit of being able to quickly identify any faults in the panels, if they occur.

Our engineer says:

“Our 9.16kWp solar PV array consists of 28 SunPower 327W panels. The power generated by the panels is fed back into the grid via a SolarEdge SE10K inverter through the three-phase industrial power supply.”

We’ve also fitted LED lighting in our offices, which has halved our power consumption in the process. The kitchen, corridors and stairwells now have PIR sensors that automatically switch the lights on and off, saving yet more electricity when the lights aren’t needed.

Our engineer says:

“Replacing 12 old 6-foot fluorescent tube lights with 14 30W LED panels has reduced the power we use from 840W to 420W. The lighting in the works has been changed to 18 30W LED panels, which replace 36 double 8-foot 100W fluorescent tubes. Meanwhile, fitting the PIR sensors has saved 3,480W.”

Getting warmer…

We had been relying on an old, energy-hungry methods of heating our test room, R&D workshop and offices. These have been replaced by infrared, ceiling-mounted heaters and a wall-mounted heater –  all controlled by a timer for maximum energy efficiency.

With the exception of the test room, which has to be kept at a constant temperature, only inhabited areas are now heated. This new, efficient system will reduce the company’s fuel consumption for heating by almost two-thirds.

Our engineer says:

“We replaced an inefficient 47kW gas space heater with Herschel Select XL and IRP4 ceiling-mounted heaters and a Herschel Advantage IR3 wall-mounted heater, all run on a seven-day timer. The new heating system has a total output of just 16.5kW.”

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We generate cardboard waste from the deliveries of stock such as bearings and sprockets. We currently take this to the local recycling centre, but we’re considering investing in a cardboard shredding or bailing machine that can turn this waste cardboard into packaging –  which we can then use to protect customer orders in transit.

All our paper waste (such as printed paper, trade magazines and envelopes) is shredded and used as packaging material, while pallets that contain deliveries from subcontractors are returned to the subcontractor next time they deliver.

We’re continuing to look for ways we can reduce our impact on the environment, but for now we’re pleased to have saved 5,798kg of CO2 emissions –  equivalent to powering 44,800 lightbulbs for a day.

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