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Mechanical Power Take Off systems on bulk transport vehicles used to drive pumps, blowers and compressors they are subject to foreign body intrusion, product gell or clogging, together with overspeed. Damage is always expensive in repair costs and 'off the road' time.

A complete range of Wedgegard™ spacers and couplings has been designed to fit neatly onto standard universal joint shafts providing simple, effective drive protection.


Wedgegard™ Type S model has been designed to protect high torque drives on En Masse and Floor Conveyors, Bulk handling, Food Process Plant and Waste Treatment.

Developed to be unaffected by changes in temperature or humidity the Type S model is not dependent on large spring forces and static friction problems associated with clutch mechanisms and slip clutches.

The Type S  models are ideal for fitting to slow / high torque shafts eliminating the problems of delayed reaction in electrical overload devices.


Shaft to shaft drives for extruders, crushers, pulverizers, conveyors, mixers and pumps demand robust overload couplings.

A range of Wedgegard non-lubricated flexible couplings have been designed to combine drive safety while accepting parallel, angular and axial misalignment together with considerable torsional flexibility complete with overload protection.

Our engineers have built a reputation on meeting your precise specifications so, if the standard range does not suit, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Howdon has developed a range of simple phasing hubs using conical screws to give a wedging action to grip the platewheel or gear and allow 360 degree adjustment.

In this free condition time is saved threading chain through complex machine layouts. When the drive is set the conical screws are tightened to lock giving a positive no slip drive.


Howdon Wedgepins are designed using  3D CAD software, manufactured using CNC machines and tested on our own Test rigs to ensure that the breaking torques are accurate


Shaft to shaft high torque drives used in bulk handling systems for coal, cement, sugar, rubber and steel mills require reliable protection for expensive equipment. Using gear type couplings Howdon have designed a complete range of Wedgegard spacers that sandwich between coupling flanges.

Gear type couplings are designed and manufactured to AGMA standards. When combined with the Wedgegard spacer effective drive protection with accessibility is provided in all operating conditions.


The chain coupling, comprising two single sprockets connected by a lengh of Duplex chain, provides a torsionally stiff drive capable of accommodating angular and parallel misalignment with the advantage of easy installation.

Howdon offer a range of chain couplings combined with the type S Wedgegard Torque Limiters to ensure drive protection in arduous working conditions such as kiln drives, feeders and fans.


Where drive systems cannot accept torsional, angular or parallel misalignment, rigid shaft couplings have to be employed. However, such drives are often subjected to shock loading which cause severe damage to the drive train.

Howdon offer the Wedgegard Spacer Torque Limiter to provide effective protection with free running upon release and re-phasing on reset.


The demands of this arduous industry often require slow speed high torque drives. Operational damage results in expensive repair and down time.

To meet these specific requirements the Wedgegard Type SS model has been developed in 316 stainless steel with maintenance free bearings giving complete drive protection over the lifetime of the equipment.


Howdon have designed and developed a range of Pneumatic / Hydraulic Intensifier Units.  These are used in conjunction with Twiflex Hydraulic caliper brakes but have many other Industrial applications.




Where a standard Wedgegard product will not meet the requirements Howdon can, using their extensive experience, design a bespoke unit using 3D CAD modelling to suit the job specifications.

Howdon have been involved with the Nuclear Industry over many years and are used to designing products for critical applications.



Not sure which product you need?  Download the application data sheet below and fill it in, email it to us and we’ll advise you of the correct unit.


SAE Data Sheet

Application Data Sheet